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Welcome to the Thermofluid Energy Research Lab lead by Dr. Yangying Zhu in the Mechanical Engineering department at UCSB.

Fast-charging batteries for electric vehicles, ultra integrated computer processors for artificial intelligence, and efficient catalysis for clean fuels are a few examples of emerging technologies with potential to transform our society. A common crucial requirement of these technologies is the effective management of thermal and fluid transport, which has remained an outstanding challenge given the ever-shrinking length scales of the devices and the increasing complexity of material structures. At the Thermofluid Energy Research Lab, we combine fundamental understandings of heat and fluid transport with advanced materials characterization capabilities for more efficient thermal management and sustainable energy solutions. 




  • Graduate students with a background in mechanical engineering, materials science, chemical engineering or related fields are welcome to contact Prof. Zhu. Students already admitted into graduate programs at UCSB are particularly encouraged to discuss potential projects with Yangying, including master students.

  • Highly motivated undergraduate students are welcome to participate in our research. Undergraduate students are encouraged to publish their research results.


  • Visiting scholars are welcome to contact Prof. Zhu to discuss projects of mutual interest.


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