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Thermofluids measurement



The tensiometer (Biolin Scientific Theta Flex) is a computer-controlled and user-programmable video-based instrument designed for the measurement of surface and interfacial tension, static and dynamic contact angles. It is equipped with a highspeed camera, an automatic dispenser (liquid or gas), a tilting cradle, a temperature-controlled stage with both heating and cooling capabilities, and a stage with an environmental chamber.

High-speed infrared camera


The high-speed infrared camera (M3K, Telops) provides dynamic temperature maps up to 100,000 fps and a spatial resolution of 30 microns. 

High-speed camera


The high-speed camera (Vision Research,  VEO 640) is used to capture dynamic processes with a speed of 1400 fps at 2560 x 1600 resolution and up to 290,000 fps at 128 x 4 resolution. It can interface with an optical microscope. We use it to measure multiphase flow dynamics.

High-precision temperature stage

temperature stage.jpeg

The high-precision temperature stage (Instec, HCP621G) controls sample temperature from -190 degC to 600 degC, can be sealed with inert gas and has an optical window to interface with Raman spectroscopy and optical microscope.

Environmental Chamber

environmental chamber.png

The environmental chamber (espec, BTZ-133) controls sample temperature from -70 degC to 180 degC.

Oxygen plasma cleaner

Plasma cleaner.png

The oxygen plasma system (Tergeo, PIE Scientific) provides in-situ plasma source for immersion mode cleaning, with an RF power from 75 Watt to 150 Watt (13.56MHz). 

Liquid nitrogen cooling system

LN cooling system.png

Enable sample cooling to as low as -190°C. Can be used for custom chamber/stage cooling.

Tube furnace

tube furnace2.jpeg

Thermo Fisher Scientific Lindberg/Blue M tube furnace (TF55035A-1), up to 1100 deg C.

Syringe pumps


Single mode and dual mode syringe pumps (Harvard Apparatus) used for precision control of flow rates. 

Optical microscope

nikon microscope.jpeg

Nikon Eclipse Ni-U upright optical microscope equipped with long working distance objectives up to 100X for in situ thermofluidic experiments.

Refrigerated/heated Circulator

refrigerated circulator CORIO-CD-200F-3.jpeg

The CORIO CD-200F refrigerated/heating circulators are suitable for temperature applications with circulation to an external apparatus or immersing a device in the bath tank. Temperature range is -20 to 150 deg C.

Glovebox and battery fabrication facilities


Ar glovebox (Vigor) and battery fabrication facilities (MTI) for battery cell assembly.



biologic potentiostat.png

Biologic SP-150 with EIS, Gamry Reference 3000 for characterization of electrochemical cells.

8-channel Arbin battery cycler


COMSOL Multiphysics


We use COMSOL Multiphysics for simulation of thermofluidic and electrochemical systems. 

Other facility

Solar Simulator


Grade AAA Solar simulator (Newport ORIEL SOL3A), 4 x 4 inch.

Clean Room and Nanofabrication Facility


The Zhu group utilizes UCSB's top notch Nanofabrication Facility (a 12,000 square foot class 1000/100 clean room). 

Shared facilities

micro Raman spectroscopy


The Zhu group utilizes a confocal Raman/Photoluminescence imaging system that is in full operation at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) for temperature measurement in thermofluidic systems and for in situ battery characterization. The capabilities of the confocal Raman includes: a total of five excitation wavelengths available (457, 488, 514, 568, and 647 nm), a Linkham environmental hot stage, from room temperature to 1200 °C in an inert argon atmosphere, and time correlated photon counting with fs-laser excitation using a 532nm wavelength.

Materials Research Laboratory (MRL)

We use a wide range of advanced materials characterization tools housed in MRL, including the energy research facility, microscopy facility, x-ray facility and chemistry facility. 

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